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Do you only do food packaging?

Food and particularly confectionery packaging is Meridian's specialism - but we produce non-food packaging for a large range of customers as well.


As a manufacturer Meridian produces both non-food and food packaging - but we specialise in food packaging due to the need for strict operating standards, which allows us to compete for food packaging work which other gift and retail packaging manufacturers cannot undertake. But where bespoke requirements are particularly specialist, i.e. requiring specialist coating, hot foiling, embossing or complicated assembly work ("hand-finishing") we are able to take on a wide range of projects with non-food applications. However, we apply the same standards to all our production so we are more competitive on short-to-medium runs or "difficult" jobs.

Stock Packaging Wholesale
We clearly focus on the confectionery sector for our wide range of off-the-shelf packaging; although many of our customers use the items for non-food applications.

This is because all of the packaging we sell is suitable for direct or indirect food contact as specified and as such is produced to more exacting standards than more generic packaging wholesale products.



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