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Food Packaging

Meridian Speciality Packaging specialises in manufacturing packaging for direct and indirect food contact applications


This specialism is developed out of years of working with suppliers and customers to ensure that all necessary measures are in place to achieve the primary goal - consumer safety. Our experience has been endorsed since 2008 by Meridian's certification to BRC Global Standards for Packaging and Packaging Materials  as a Cateory 1 supplier.

Legal Compliance

All producers of food packaging are legally required to comply with UK and EU legislation concerning contact between the food product intended to be packaged and the packaging materials.

This legal requirement isn't simply a by-product of a voluntary certification to EFSIS, BRC/IoP or other food hygiene and quality standards; it is a clear requirement mandated in law and this is now being enforced by UK trading standards, advised by the Food Standards Agency.

Declarations of Compliance (DoC)

A common misconception is that the obligation to provide declarations of compliance (DoCs) is something only affecting certifcated suppliers. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is legally mandated as part of Regulation 2023/2006  - and sets out the requirement for all suppliers to provide clear declarations of the suitability of their product for direct or indirect food contact.

Food manufacturers, retailers, packing houses and wholesalers should be demanding this level of documentation from all suppliers of primary direct and indirect food packaging. This should also include distributors who should be able to obtain and translate the documentation from their suppliers and present it in a meaningful fashion to their customers.

We offer Support and Guidance to our Customers

Getting things right in order to meet the requirements of the major retailers can be a diffuclt and time-consuming process; and for many of our customers, time is their biggest shortage item. We aim to support all of our customers, helping those trying for BRC certification themselves by discussing the process of change required to implement and maintain the standards from our perspective within the supply chain.

This support is a key aspect of our strong customer relations and can be vital for our smaller customers.

Useful Links/Resources

Listed below are some very useful websites:


Site URL
Description of resources
http://www.food.gov.uk/foodlabelling/foodcontactmaterials2/ Food Standards Agency website covering all details relating to legal requirements and any changes to standards 

http://ec.europa.eu/food/food/chemicalsafety/foodcontact/legisl_list_en.htm Fantastic resource listing all EU legislation plus a really useful document which gives a particularly helpful visual overview of the food contact legislation architecture

http://www.reading.ac.uk/foodlaw/uk/reg-date.htm Resource showing the chronological listing of all food-related law - including packaging regulations

http://www.pira-international.com/Testing/Food-Contact/Regulatory-Compliance.aspx Useful information from the perspective of a world leading authority on compliance testing

The BRC Global Standards Directory - lists all BRC certificated suppliers (this link will show Meridian's listing)

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